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About Northlake

Northlake Capital Management, LLC is a registered investment advisor offering investment advisory services to high net worth individuals and their affiliated entities. Northlake specializes in the management of equity portfolios using exchange traded funds (ETFs) and individual stocks. We build and manage conservative, balanced, or aggressive growth client portfolios depending on individual investment goals and risk tolerance. …more

What We Do

Northlake Capital Management founder Steve Birenberg has spent his entire 32 year investment management career serving high-net-worth individual investors and managing their related retirement and charitable accounts. Until the second half of the 1990s, professional investors had an edge due to good analysis and access to sources of information that weren’t widely available to individual investors. …more

“Most stock market analysis is open to subjective, selective manipulations. Therefore, we use only objective indicators and go with the weight of the objective indicator evidence.”

— Ned Davis, Ned Davis Research, Institutional Hotline,
Cycles and Barometers Everywhere, 2/14/05.

NDR provides research support for Northlake Capital Management, LLC

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